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“Piti Piti Na Rive”

Since 2000, the What If? Foundation has partnered with members of the Ti Plas Kaz community in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to bring desperately needed food and educational opportunities to impoverished children.

We began with one meal a week for 500. Today, we fund up to 6,000 meals a week, 163 school scholarships, an after school program for 240 youth, and a summer camp for 650 children. The What If? Foundation is the only source of funding for these programs.

Piti piti na rive” is a Haitian saying that means “little by little we will arrive.” In solidarity with our Haitian partners, we believe that every meal, every scholarship, and donations of every size have a powerful impact.



“Thanks to the What If? Foundation and all the benefactors, there is a place where people are loved, respected and fed every week. It is an islet in the middle of the ocean. Hope is kept alive in the midst of troubled days… Piti piti na rive.”

–Fr. Jean-Juste, Port-au-Prince, Haiti