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Suzanne Alberga, Executive Director

Mia Masia, Donor Relations Associate

Pat Stevens, Bookkeeper (volunteer)


Board of Directors

Susan Carson, Board Member

“I read Margaret Trost’s book, On that Day Everybody Ate, after my daughter was assigned to read it for school.  I was so moved by Margaret’s journey and the foundation she started that I vowed to do something when I could.   I’ve always wanted to share my time and treasure with a non-profit that works internationally, and What If is a natural fit.  I learned on my first visit to Port-au-Prince in May 2013 how desperately needed the food and education programs we fund are to the children in Ti Plas Kazo.  Our Haitian partners at Na Rive are so devoted to our shared goals that I vowed to do everything I can to support their efforts to grow these programs.  It’s a privilege and an honor to be a member of the Board.”

Laura Crabb, Treasurer
Finance Manager

“I read Margaret Trost’s book, On That Day Everybody Ate, and was moved by the spirit of the Haitian people.  The impact on me through words was experienced in person by my son when he visited Haiti in the summer of 2014.  His stories along with my passion to educate and support our youth brought me to the What If? Foundation.  The energy the youth bring is inspiring and I want to encourage all efforts that work to achieve their advancement.   I am honored to be part of a grassroots organization that has already proven to be successful.”

Kate Doherty, Secretary
Pastoral Associate at Christ the King Parish

“Having had the pleasure of visiting our Haitian Partner, Na Rive, in October of 2014, with the added honor of traveling with our founder Margaret, and therefore getting a crash course in the history and people of What If, it was impossible not to want to be more involved with their awe inspiring work. To meet and hear for myself the audacity of hope that I had been struck by when reading Margaret’s book On that Day Everybody Ate, I found myself wanting to give wind to the wings that hope flies on. The legacy and vision of Father Jean-Juste is alive and well at Na Rive, and it is such an honor to be even a small part of that.”


Catherine Lelong, Board Member
Brand Strategy and Product Marketing Advisor

“Haiti is in my blood and my heart.  Since I was a child I’ve been amazed at how a nation with such great injustices and tormented history has managed to embody such a wonderful warmth, liveliness and strength, making the Haitian culture so special and unique.  I feel fortunate to have found What If and take part in helping our grass-root partners, Na Rive, improve the lives of the children in Ti Plas Kazo through food and education programs.  I believe in the kindness, empathy and focus the Foundation stands for and, most of all, that transformation in Haiti will come through small community-driven steps towards the bright future it deserves.  I am honored to be a member of the Board.  Piti piti na rive.”

Elizabeth Owens, PhD, Chair
Research Psychologist, Institute of Human Development, UC Berkeley

“After the 2010 earthquake I was looking for a way to help the victims in Haiti and I learned about What If’s sustained efforts to help in Port-Au-Prince.  As a mother, its mission to provide education as well as nutrition to very poor children resonated with me very much. Furthermore, I was impressed because What If is a small organization that partners closely with a Haitian nonprofit.  This partnership has resulted in effective programs that directly impact the lives of thousands of children. I feel fortunate and excited to be able to make a difference by being part of the What If team.”

Advisory Council

Margaret Trost, Founder
Berkeley, CA

“Having the opportunity to be in partnership with Fr. Jean-Juste when he was alive and to continue supporting his vision for the Ti Plas Kazo community with Na Rive is one of the greatest joys and privileges of my life.  The care, heart, and devotion that goes into making the food and education programs in Port-au-Prince possible – both in the states through the What If? Foundation board, staff, and donors and in Haiti through the members of Na Rive – is beautiful and inspiring.  Love in action.  Piti piti na rive!  Little by little we will arrive.”


Bryan Sirchio, Founder/director of Crosswind Music Ministries, Haiti Allies.org, and CEO of the Convergence Music Project

“I had the privilege to introduce What If founder Margaret Trost to Haiti during a trip I led in 2000 and I have been an enthusiastic supporter of What If since it came into existence.  I served on the What If board for over 10 years and I continue to work with various grass roots organizations in Haiti.”