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Back to school at the Father Jeri School

Posted Oct 25th, 2018

Dear Friend of the What If? Foundation,

WS Students walking into school (2)As you’ve noticed by now, to live in Haiti is to live with uncertainty. In weather. In politics. In economics. In safety. But as you’ve also seen, the Haitian spirit is resilient and irrepressible. And that spirit is most clearly expressed in the children whose lives you touch.

Though their parents continue to weather price hikes, lost jobs and the effects of the earthquake that struck a couple of weeks ago, these kids spent the summer enjoying themselves and dreaming of a brighter future. Because they are students at the Father Jeri School, they have a safe environment to learn, play, eat and imagine what they can accomplish.

Here’s what some of the other students have to say:
Miserguerland_Oct18 2 Gabriel_Oct18 2 Emmanuel Anelus_Oct18 2

Miseguerlande, aged 11, whiled away the days the same way kids everywhere do: she played, ate, went to the river, played soccer and spent time with her family. Now she’s happy to go back to school, and eager to succeed again this year.

When he wasn’t at the soccer field with playing with friends, Gabriel was happy to be at the Na Rive summer camp, eating a nutritious meal every day and learning how to make Macrame bracelets and a pair of sandals for his mother and sister. They loved them! And he’s looking forward to learning a different skill next summer.

Emmanuel lives with his father, and feels lucky to be going back to school. His father is working very hard to ensure that he gets an education and wants to do well to make his dad proud.

Thanks to your generosity and the hard work and determination of the teachers, students and staff, these children have something that so many children in Haiti do not: they have hope.

Help us support their dreams and continue to build their future. Make a donation today.