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The Need

Many of the families who live in and around the city’s Ti Plas Kazo neighborhood still live in post-earthquake tents and other temporary structures, without access to the most basic amenities. Most of them do not have the resources to send their children to school. Gratefully, a number of their children benefit from the food and education programs that the What If? Foundation supports in Ti Plas Kazo. But these programs, which had to relocate after the earthquake, cannot be sustained in their current temporary locations, as these facilities are inadequate.

Education is highly valued by most Haitians. But….

• Before the 2010 earthquake struck Haiti, more than 50% of school-aged children in the country lacked access to an education.

•  Only 10% of Haiti’s schools are public, and the tuition for private schools is more than most families can afford.

• The earthquake destroyed thousands of schools, putting education even further out of reach for many children who live in Port-au-Prince.

•  At least 50% of Haitians age 15 and over are illiterate.

•  90% of earthquake relief funds have been allocated to large, bureaucratic organizations that are not focusing on education, and rebuilding schools has not been a priority of the current Haitian government.

The need for more schools in Haiti is clear.