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Project Progress

Fundraising: As of January 1, 2014, we have fully funded the $500,000 needed for Phase One, and have raised $186,973 towards Phase Two of the “Building the Dream” project!

Having raised a total of $689,473, we are now over 1/2 of the way to realizing our goal of $1.2 million!

Anticipated costs for:            $ received / pledged for:         $ still needed for:

Phase 1        $500,000           $500,000                               $0 (We Did It!)

Phase 2        $220,000           $186,973                                $33,027

Phase 3&4    $480,000           $2,500                                   $477,500

Building Progress: Over a year ago the “Building the Dream” project was launched. Since then, a security wall around the property has been completed, the land – which is on a slope– has been “cut” and prepared for construction, a portion of the concrete foundation for the first building has been poured, and many other important decisions about materials and engineering have been made.