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The Father Jeri School

Father Jeri School

IMJ first day bennerThe goal with all of Na Rive’s education programs is to foster the next generation of leaders in Haiti: children who are empowered, thoughtful, resilient, resourceful, proud of their heritage, and ready to work together for positive change. The cornerstone of these education efforts is the Father Jeri School.

The Father Jeri School welcomed its first students September 5th, 2016.


294 children, aged 3 – 19 years, are currently enrolled in Pre-K – 11th grade. Our shared goal with Na Rive is to expand the school in the years ahead so that it includes a complete high school.

Teachers, Staff, and Curriculum

teachers day may 2017fourThere are 41 teachers and 23 staff working at the Father Jeri School. All are Haitian. The teaching team, which includes 8 full-time and 33 subject-specific part-time teachers, brings depth and breadth of expertise to the curriculum. The staff includes the administration team, a doctor, a nurse, a cleaning crew, security guards, and a team of afterschool teachers.

In addition to a wide variety of academic classes, the school provides leadership development opportunities throughout the year. Students experience many enrichment activities, including field trips to important national sites and a weeklong retreat.




March 2016

Construction is finished!   The dream we’ve shared with our partner Na Rive to build a permanent home for the current food and education programs as well as a neighborhood school is a reality.

Final School PhotoWe are so grateful to our donors, to the project’s local construction crew, and architect Chuck Newman of Schools for Children of the World for making this beautiful building possible.  Now that the construction is complete, Na Rive is hard at work developing plans to relocate the food program kitchen and house the after-school program and the summer camp into the building. Click here to find out more.

In the video below, learn more about the original vision for the Building the Dream project.

To read more about the need for this school, click here.

The vision:

• To provide a full K-13th school for up to 350 impoverished children, which will support its students in realizing academic standards and certifications while teaching practical vocational skills that will allow them to earn income after graduation—a pressing need expressed by the community.

• To house the current food program and education programs (school scholarships, after-school, and summer camp).

• To serve as a positive, safe hub for people of all ages in the community to come together to learn, solve problems, and celebrate.

It breaks my heart to see children in our community who don’t have the chance to go to school. Building this new school will help us make a critical difference in the lives of more children. It will transform this community.

–Lavarice Gaudin, Na Rive‘s Program Director