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After-School Program

“My favorite part of being in the after-school program each week is the chance to be a part of such a great community.  I think it is important to do well in school but also to learn how to respect other people, which is what we are learning at this program.  I hope to make my community proud after I finish school.”  – Madeline, age 15


  • 265 participants
  • A variety of classes offered including the popular “life skills” class, driver’s ed, and exam preparation tutoring
  • The 98% pass rate among the students receiving What If funded scholarships is attributed to the support provided through this program


Run by our partners, Na Rive, this after-school program offers children and youth the opportunity to develop new skills and deepen their academic learning throughout the school year.

This unique and highly valuable program offers children 8 to 14 years classes in computers, English, French, sewing, music, and “life skills”, as well as occasional classes in cooking and various arts and crafts. Students 16 and older are offered classes in computers as well as tutoring in physics, chemistry and mathematics to help the students prepare for the state exams required after the 12th and 13th grades.

Jean-Marie Noel, who is well-respected and appreciated for his work coordinating the education programs, wrote the following:

“For a long time I have been directing programs which support the development of young people in Haiti. Haiti is a poor country, and young people do not get much support. Right now, young Haitians from eight years up especially need more support. I put this after-school program within their reach to help them become more capable and to learn some skills which will allow them to support themselves in the labor market.”




In the spring of 2011, our partners in Haiti launched the Children’s Garden Project, through which they provide groups of children from the after-school and summer camp programs with experiential learning opportunities on a 3-acre teaching farm on the outskirts of Port-au-Prince.

Na Rive‘s Program Director Lavarice Gaudin (pictured in the photo on the right) started the teaching farm with his own funds in 2010 with 3 goals in mind: (1) to create a garden that can serve as a model for agricultural self-sufficiency and inspire others to use natural compost to grow food in and around Port-au-Prince; (2) to have a place to invite groups of children, including those enrolled in the after-school and summer camp programs that the What If? Foundation funds, out to the farm to teach them about growing food and composting; and (3) to grow and harvest vegetables and fruit to donate to the food program and to other families in need.

The children from the after-school and summer camp programs love going out to the farm and learning about the different plants and trees, and helping to pick vegetables and spices for the food program. One group of 65 children that visited the farm roasted corn they had  harvested, after learning how to make fires. The children rave about these trips!