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Celebrating Lamanjay

Posted Mar 29th, 2019

Dear Friend of What If? Foundation,

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Every March we celebrate the anniversary of the food program in Ti Plas Kazo, Lamanjay. We celebrate the impact it has made, feeding thousands of children and their parents and giving them hope for another day. We celebrate its origins: how a few meals on Sundays became a daily program and the wellspring for everything we have achieved with Na Rive since. And we celebrate you, for keeping this vital program alive.


Help us keep hot, nutritious meals available for some of the worlds’ most vulnerable children.

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Food Program March2019 2This is the 19th year of operation for Lamanjay, making it one of the longest running food programs in the area. While we continue to hope for a day when the program is no longer needed, we celebrate the dedication and resilience of Na Rive as they have nurtured, sustained and grown this program for the good of their community.

The program has been especially critical this year, as prices for food have increased 10x due to rising inflation caused by the fuel crisis. The prices of basic goods were already out of reach for so many, which means that those who were just hanging on, no longer can.

“One of the mothers who is new to Lamanjay told me she was so grateful because she doesn’t have to spend her days worrying about her empty cupboards at home. Her children get a hot, nutritious meal in the afternoon and won’t go to be hungry that day.”

– Na Rive Program Director Lavarice Gaudin

The new location of the community cafeteria next to the school grounds has made more seats available to those in need. And with your support Na Rive can ensure that every plate is full.

Help us keep these children nourished and with energy to play and learn.

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Thank you, as always, for keeping Haiti in your hearts, and for keeping Lamanjay as a pillar of support for the community of Ti Plas Kazo and beyond.

With hope and gratitude,