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What you made happen in 2018

Posted Jan 28th, 2019

Dear Friend of the What If? Foundation,

How did 2018 go by so quickly?! While it was a year filled with serious challenges for our friends in Ti Plas Kazo (steep price hikes, street protests and political turmoil), it was also marked by the success, determination and hope of Na Rive. Here are some of the highlights that have filled me with optimism for the new year:

The Father Jeri School had a phenomenal pass rate on their government exams.

IMG_0636The Father Jeri School set an incredible record for itself in its first year of government exams, with a 98% pass rate. This result is all the more impressive when you consider that the national average pass rate is 66%. We can credit this accomplishment to the Father Jeri School’s strong emphasis on curriculum, teacher training, experiential learning, and our longstanding After School Program, where children receive additional tutoring and teacher time. And of course, let’s not forget the students, whose hard work paid off!

Father Jeri School students expanded their horizons.
fruit day elbast_jan19Experiences like traveling to historical sites like Marchand-DessalinesCarnival week in Cap Haitien and Fruit Day took students beyond the confines of the classroom, piquing lifelong curiosity and leaving a lasting impression. Play time and real-world practical experience are guiding principles of the school’s philosophy, and we saw it in action in 2018.

The Food Program expanded into a new space.
As with all Na Rive programs, the Food Program is dynamic, evolving to respond to the needs of the community. Last year, Na Rive created a new community cafeteria next door to the school to provide neighborhood children an easily accessible space to receive these critical meals. Students and staff also continue to be served nutritious meals in the school cafeteria.

You made it all possible.

Every day, every week, every year, it is the compassion and support of our donors that allows Na Rive’s programs to thrive. Your donations in 2018 created meaningful change for hundreds of children, students, teachers and families in Ti Plas Kazo and are helping Na Rive lift their community up. THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts.

Here’s to a 2019 that brings better times for Haiti, and continued learning, growth and resilience for us all.