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Transforming lives at the Father Jeri School

Posted Sep 18th, 2018

kids showing artIt’s an exciting time for everyone at the Father Jeri School. Students and teachers have headed back to the classroom. And everyone is thrilled by the recent news: Father Jeri students had a 100% pass rate on their government exams last year! It’s an almost unheard-of score (the national average is 66%), which has drawn the attention of the Ministry of Education and the entire community.

Na Rive is building on this success by adding the final year of school, Philo, to the curriculum. So starting this year, students will now officially be able to graduate from the Father Jeri School.

While the gas price hike was suspended back in July, the cost of everyday goods continues to skyrocket – as much as 40% in a very short time. Every family is feeling the effects, and so is the Father Jeri School.

We can make a difference. Let’s help the Father Jeri School have access to the resources they need.

As always, Program Director Lavarice Gaudin is doing everything he can to stretch resources as far as possible.

CU Lava at desk

“All kinds of businesses were destroyed during the July riots – and many jobs were lost with them. Families are struggling even more to find money for school tuition, while the overall costs at the school have also risen. This, together with a record number of student registrations, and the new Philo year, makes the need for more funds to buy furniture, as well as teaching, classroom and cleaning supplies, critical. Every dollar makes a difference.”

The great news is that the Father Jeri School is transforming lives. The students are realizing their potential. The journey from kindergarten to graduation day is now complete. Our partners, Na Rive, continue to make it all happen – no matter what comes their way.

And we can help.

If you can donate $20 or $30 – for food, for supplies, for the future – know that every single penny will be put to its best use. And know that we are grateful, as ever, for your compassion and continued support.