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Update on protests in Haiti

Posted Jul 11th, 2018

Dear Friends of What If,

I spoke to Lavarice this morning. So far, the relative quiet from Monday continues.

2017 first day of summer camp“There have been some protests, but they have been more localized. In fact, camp was open today. I just finished having a welcome meeting with new campers where they learned about the program and expectations and also about the Father Jeri School. They are all so excited to be here. They will have fun, learn new skills and have a hot meal every day. This program is especially important during these difficult times in our country. Children should have a safe place where they can just be kids – where they can laugh and play and learn.

We don’t know what will happen later in the week, but we are being very careful to monitor where the protests are and we will do everything possible to keep our kids and our community safe in these very challenging times.

We want to thank you for all your messages and prayers. We are so grateful to know that we are not alone.”

It’s heartbreaking to witness Ti Plas Kazo and all of Haiti pulled into turmoil once again. As always, we stand in solidarity with our Haitian friends, no matter what challenges they face.
Thank you for your thoughts, prayers and support, Na Rive, the children and the community can feel it.
With gratitude and hope,
Suzanne Alberga
Executive Director