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Helping Davidson find his voice

Posted Jun 12th, 2018

Dear Friend of the What If? Foundation,

On every trip to Haiti, I meet someone who captures my heart. This time it was Davidson Delima.


Davidson is three years old, born and raised in the Ti Plas Kazo community, and a pre-Kindergarten student at the Father Jeri School. He is so sweet and warm, quick to smile and take my hand. But until a few weeks ago, he had never spoken a single word.

Davidson’s mother, Elianette, never received a formal education and is so grateful that her son can attend school. “When he started, he wasn’t able to talk. But now, his teachers and I are starting to see progress. He is trying to count and sing!”

Attending school means that Davidson has a chance to find his voice – and pursue opportunities his parents never had. Lavarice Gaudin, Na Rive Program Director and Head of the Father Jeri School, is passionate about this point.

“Every child in Haiti represents hope and the future. But they must have an education! We are a small school, but with every child we reach, we can transform a life.”

Let’s ensure Davidson and his peers have the opportunities every child deserves.
Make a donation today.

Madame Erland 3yr 2017-2018Davidson is growing up playful and inquisitive, because every girl and boy in his classroom is nurtured and encouraged. His teachers are seasoned educators like Madame Erland, who is passionate about pre-Kindergarten and child development. She works with his mother Elianette to make sure he gets the support at home to be successful in school.

Davidson will learn to be well-rounded and confident, because his education goes beyond the basic curriculum to experiencing and navigating the world around him. He’ll learn vocational and life skills, and his country’s courageous history will be more than just lines in a textbook. It will be a living lesson, an inspiration.

Thanks to the Father Jeri School, Davidson can pursue a future his parents could only imagine.

And he will stay healthier than many children in his country because of the daily school lunch he receives, one that is packed with nutrients and cooked with love by members of Na Rive‘s food program team.  He also has access to medical care with a nurse on campus every day and weekly visits from a doctor.

boy at computerOur Haitian partner Na Rive is incredibly resourceful, stretching your donations to serve as many students as possible. But there is so much more to do. School supplies are needed to ensure a rich learning environment, yet they are scarce and expensive. A computer lab is essential to modern education, but it’s challenging to keep aging computers running properly. A reliable source of electricity is key to covering basic needs like proper lighting in the classrooms, yet public electricity is intermittent at best. And teachers need competitive salaries and regular training to stay at the top of their field.

Help us support Na Rive as they prepare for the next school year and create new hope for Haiti, one student at a time.

$25 buys one daily meal for a month.
$100 pays for books and supplies for the year.
$350 covers the cost of a year’s tuition for grades pre-Kindergarten through 5th.
$500 pays for a student in 6-11th grades.

Together, we have already made real change happen in Ti Plas Kazo, as you’ll read in our 2017 Annual Report. Let’s maintain the momentum Na Rive has built at the Father Jeri School. With your support, Davidson and his peers will start school again in the fall. And it will be our privilege to watch them grow, little by little, from the hope of Haiti into a bright future.

With gratitude and hope,

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Suzanne Alberga
Executive Director