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Thursdays at the Father Jeri School

Posted Apr 26th, 2018


In Madame Jean Nadège’s first grade class at the Father Jeri School, Thursdays start with plenty of joy and energy – and always on schedule. The students stand and salute the flag, just as many of us used to do when we were young. Then they dive right into mathematics – which 6-year old student Roodjy Cherubin loves. “Math is my favorite subject. I want to be an engineer when I grow up!”

Roodjy may be a little young to predict his future profession, but his love of learning is no accident. Madame Nadège credits the curriculum.  “This is my first year working at the Father Jeri School, she says. “It is a real pleasure for me to be here, because the administration really cares about teaching, and the students’ futures. We focus on learning, not just testing. This way the children will grow up inquisitive and with a love for discovering the world around them.”

Madame Nadedge4After Math, students spend time improving their literacy in Creole. While they also learn French, studying Creole is important for making sure they are articulate in their native language, and for instilling a sense of pride in their country.

The rest of the day covers civics, reading, oral communication, art, and of course, recess. First graders finish their school day by eating a nutritious meal together, along with their teachers. It’s a lively schedule filled with as much rigor as imagination.

Here’s what some of the other students have to say:

2018_jan_themissa_2 2 Jean Edwin Charles_2 Casly Francois_2 2
Themissa Florence Joseph loves all the subjects, and is proud that she always gets good grades after her exams. ​ Jean-Edwin Charles’ favorite subjects are mathematics, Creole and reading. He thinks he might like to be a lawyer when he grows up. Casly Francois would like to become a teacher so she can be like Madame Nadège (and because she really enjoys the tasty food at the canteen!).

And in addition to math, Roodjy Cherubin loves his school – especially the yard because it is so big. He can run and play with his friends at recess.

Your donations make this love of learning possible. Thank you for all that you do to support these first graders – and all the students at the Father Jeri School. Please consider making a donation today. With every dollar, we create hope and opportunity for the year ahead.