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Haiti: A Country of HOPE

Posted Jan 29th, 2018

Jan_2018_eblast waterfall2If you’ve been listening to the news lately, or watching our social media feeds, you know that Haiti has been in the headlines.  It seems some people have a very different view on the country we know and love. Perhaps they haven’t seen the same Haiti we have.

A country with a proud history of freedom and independence – a history inextricably linked to our own.

A place of incredible beauty and creativity.

A people with a bright, bold, indomitable spirit.

A future filled with youth, energy, and hope.  This is the Haiti we know and cherish. This is the Haiti we celebrate and support.
jacmel carnival photo web

We’ve shared many stories with you of the children and families your donations support – as well as the leaders, teachers and volunteers who are making change happen in Ti Plas Kazo. We’ll keep sharing these stories for as long as there is a What If? Foundation.And today, we ask that you do the same.

Forward the emails, share our website filled with dreams aspired to and dreams fulfilled. Share these stories of children learning to become leaders in their school, community, and country. Tell everyone you know that Haiti is a place of incredible resilience, community, and beauty.
Berto and children IFO school

Together, we can do our part to change the narrative about Haiti. Because the best answer to ignorance is knowledge. The best counter to pessimism: HOPE.

Hopefully your friends, family and colleagues will be inspired to get involved, as you have. If nothing else, they’ll have an accurate glimpse of a country and a people that have continuously inspired us since our first visit 18 years ago. Hope defines Haiti like no other place we’ve seen. We share that hope, and together we can help it grow.  Together we can build on that hope and support Haiti’s efforts towards a better future.