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The gift of a great teacher: meet Madame Fils

Posted Oct 11th, 2017

Dear Friend of the What If? Foundation,

Madame fils and classMany of us have experienced the miracle of a great teacher. We stand with our Haitian partner, Na Rive, in the belief that every child should have that same transformative opportunity. Program Director Lavarice Gaudin and his team are focused on assembling a staff of exceptional educators at the Father Jeri School. Madame Marie Fils is a wonderful example.

Madame Fils started teaching first grade at the Father Jeri School last year and quickly became a favorite among students, parents, and colleagues. I had the opportunity to see her in the classroom, and was struck by her warm, dynamic approach. She’s incredibly engaging, teaching fundamentals with a passion and joy that captivates the kids and earns their respect.

“I love Madame Fils. She is the best teacher I’ve ever had. I love how she teaches us French. It’s my favorite subject and I like when I get to write on the chalk board.”
Cherlene, age 8

Madame Fils brings deep expertise to her role at the Father Jeri School. She’s been a teacher in Haiti for more than 10 years, and has held teaching positions at several well-respected schools. But it was the mission of the Father Jeri School that inspired her to make a move.

I left a higher salary to come here, because I feel part of something bigger. We are creating an excellent education for children who otherwise would not be able to go to school at all.”
Marie Fils, Head Primary School Teacher, Father Jeri School

You can be part of the Father Jeri School’s mission to provide education and opportunity to impoverished children. Make a donation today.

Mdme Fils eblastMadame Fils  says she loves coming to work every day. “The atmosphere here is very positive, and the structure of the school is built for purpose. Everything is designed with the intention of helping these children become leaders in their community.”

And the school loves her. Program Director Lavarice Gaudin was so impressed with Madame Fils that he recently promoted her to Lead Elementary School Teacher. “She works so hard to help her students, especially the ones who are having trouble. She’s done such a wonderful job that she is now a key part of the team, helping the school’s administration with managing the elementary grades.”

Many parents at the Father Jeri School never had the chance to get an education, so providing one for their children means even more. Madame Fils understands this responsibility well. “A lot of people count on us, especially the parents. I want them to know how much we care for these children. We are all working very hard to give them an education that provides them with better opportunities for the future.”

Together, we can bring more great teachers like Madame Fils into the lives of these children. Make a donation today

Going back to school has been a rare bright spot in Haiti this fall – a moment of hope amid hurricane season, political conflicts, and the everyday stresses that touch all Haitians. We are honored to be able to support our partner, Na Rive, as they foster a brighter future for the children of Ti Plas Kazo, and we wish a successful school year for students and teachers everywhere.

With gratitude,


Suzanne Alberga
Executive Director