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Hurricane Irma is coming

Posted Sep 6th, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 4.25.26 PMHurricane Irma, a category 5 storm, is battering the eastern Caribbean and is projected to hit Haiti Thursday night or Friday morning. The Haitian government has closed schools and government offices around the country and is warning people to stay at home and off the roads.

Na Rive’s Program Director, Lavarice Gaudin, is working hard to secure the Father Jeri School and minimize damage when the storm hits. The biggest threat facing the school is flying debris, so it is critically important to close up the classrooms, protect supplies, and cover all glass windows.

The northern part of the country is expected to be hit the hardest, but as Lavarice explained, whether the storm hits in the north or the south, the whole of Haiti will suffer.

“Every year Haiti gets struck by natural disaster, and there is never enough support in place to help people recover. Last year hurricane Mathew devastated the South. The year before, the north was affected by both drought and floods. Farmers lost their crops and livestock, making food unaffordable and unavailable to most Haitians. We pray for storm Irma to pass us by and give our country and people a break.”

Please keep Haiti in your thoughts and prayers. We will provide updates on the storm as new information becomes available. All contributions will go immediately toward preparation for the storm and its aftermath. If you can help with a donation, it will surely go far.