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Haiti, Irma, and the aftermath

Posted Sep 8th, 2017

We’ve just heard the latest news from our Haitian partner, Na Rive. Thankfully, Haiti was spared the eye of the storm and there have been no reports of casualties yet. Port-au-Prince faced strong winds and rain, but nothing like the devastation of Hurricane Mathew. Our community in Ti Plas Kazo remains safe and the Father Jeri School has not sustained any visible damage, which means the staff, students, and teachers can get back to preparing for the start of school next week.

All very good news. And we are very grateful.

post - IrmaBut the damage sustained in the north and northwest will likely affect the whole country‘s food supply. Agriculture there was hit hard by Category 5 winds: crops ruined, whole banana plantations leveled. And hurricane season is far from over – Hurricane Jose is already at Category 4, and gathering steam over the Atlantic.

Every time another weather event hits anywhere in Haiti, it strains an already fragile agriculture system – farmers and their fields never have the resources or time to recover. Every day the food prices go up, and the availability and supply goes down. The staples people used to be able to buy regularly, like bananas and plantain, were already becoming rare before Irma struck.

All of which will make Na Rive’s food program critically important in the coming weeks. Our community in Ti Plas Kazo – and people throughout the country – will face more food scarcity than they already do. Thank you for your unwavering support as we stand by our friends in Haiti, no matter what comes their way.