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Feed the Next Generation

Posted Mar 23rd, 2017

Dear Friend of the What If? Foundation,

two girls bows and hair clipsI’d like to introduce you to Analisa and Chery. These beautiful sisters are a testament to the power of resilience, hope and your compassion.

Analisa and Chery have been coming to the food program since before they were born.  When their mother found out she was pregnant with Analisa, she knew she needed consistent nutrition to support her growing baby. This was not long after the earthquake in 2010 when she lost everything. She was forced to relocate to a tent community in Ti Plas Kazo, where the meals you provided not only saved this mother’s life, but nourished the future of her family.

The situation was much the same when Chery was born two years later. Economic conditions have not improved in Haiti in the years since the earthquake. The country has endured drought, disease, government instability and most recently, Hurricane Mathew. Thankfully, your generosity continues to provide for these girls – as it has done for so many others.

Help us continue to support this vital food program. 

Each meal costs $0.65. 

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This week marks the 17th anniversary of Lamanjay, the Creole name for the food program. Thanks to your belief in our mission and your continued generosity, we have been able to provide a generation of Haitian children the fuel to survive, learn and thrive.

food pantry holiday bags 3Life changes quickly in Haiti, and because of our partnership with Na Rive, we are able to respond effectively.  When the tent community was dismantled last October, Analisa and Chery were among the hundreds of children and families forced to leave.  Now the girls and their mother are miles from “home,” without a permanent place to live, and still without enough income to purchase food regularly.

So the food program has adapted, creating a food pantry where these displaced members of the community can pick up rice and beans to cook at home. This keeps nutrition on the table for Analisa and Chery, while saving their family from struggling to find their way to Ti Plas Kazo every day.

As many as 20 mothers come each week to collect meals from our food pantry.  It is an important part of our mission — with the raw rice and beans we provide, families can come to their own tables to get nourishment and a sense of hope.”            

–Lavarice Gaudin, Director of Na Rive

On this 17th anniversary, we ask for your support to help us ensure that the food pantry is stocked and that meals served each weekday to hundreds of children can continue.

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two girls passing plates

Your support over the years has allowed the food program to grow into something more powerful than we ever imagined. Na Rive tells us that the desperation that can come from hunger has been replaced with a sense of community and shared purpose in Ti Plas Kazo. Children who were part of the first generation served, now volunteer to serve others. The meals provided each week day through Lamanjay are referred to as “meals of love” by the cooking team, and that’s how we see them too.

Thank you for making these “meals of love” possible for Analisa, Chery and countless other Haitian children.

Piti, piti

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Suzanne Alberga
Executive Director