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Celebrate the first day of classes at the Father Jeri School

Posted Sep 8th, 2016

Dear Friend of the What If? Foundation,


After six years of dreaming, planning, and building, the Father Jeri School is welcoming its first students this month. We are so proud to share this milestone with you, and so grateful for the support you provided to make it possible. The building itself is an incredible accomplishment, but it’s what will take place inside that has the power to change children’s lives.


“Without the What If? Foundation, I would not be able to go to school. I am grateful, because education is essential in my country if you want to be a person who does great things.”       

While the beginning of the school year in Haiti is a time of celebration for some, it’s a time of sadness for others. More than 50% of school-aged children are not able to go to school – only 10% of Haitian schools are public, and most families can’t afford tuition at private schools.  

With your help, we’ve funded over 1800 scholarships for students at local schools since 2001. With the opening of the Fr. Jeri School, we are able to extend the opportunity for education to many more students. Please help us to continue to support these children.

$25 buys a school uniform.
$100 pays for books and supplies for the year.little-girl-pink-shirt
$350 covers the cost of a year’s tuition for grades K-5.
$500 pays for a student in 6-8th grades.

Our Haitian partner, Na Rive, has established the administration and curriculum to offer classes from kindergarten through middle school. With adequate funding, Fr. Jeri School can offer life-changing education to more than 250 students.

Thank you for sharing our commitment to these children, and our hope for Haiti’s future. We can’t wait to share more stories and photos from the first days of class.

Piti piti na rive,

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Suzanne Alberga
Executive Director