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Students visit Food and Education programs in Haiti

Posted Feb 27th, 2013

For several years, St. Mary’s High School of Berkeley, CA has been featuring the book“On That Day, Everybody Ate”, written by our founder Margaret Trost, in the school curriculum.   As part of the school’s “Enrichment Week”, ten students and two teachers are leaving for a visit to Haiti this Friday.  They will have the opportunity to meet our partners, Na Rive, and experience firsthand the food and education programs compassionately supported by your generous donations.  They’re also carrying with them a  great deal of donated supplies – including four laptops for the after-school program and art supplies for the summer camp.

One of the teachers shared “It is so satisfying to know that we are continuing the journey that started so many years ago when we read Margaret’s book as a school community… We will definitely bring back stories, pictures, and experiences.”

We look forward to hearing about their journey and sharing their experience with you.

I’m sure you join us as we wish them Bon Voyage!  As we say in Creole:  “Pase yon bon moman” (have a good moment/day).