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Construction Update: We Are On Our Way!

Posted Nov 29th, 2012

We are thrilled to celebrate that earlier this month, even with the interruption of the rain and flooding brought on by Hurricane Sandy, construction of the security perimeter wall for the property was completed. With this first critical step behind us, we look forward to beginning in December 2012 construction of the kitchen/cafeteria & educational multipurpose structure that will provide a much-needed permanent home for the current programs.

Even though the simple act of building a wall may sound like a minor effort, in Haiti the completion of any sized construction 40-sidewallcompletea-n_11-5-12project that is on-time, on-budget, built to safe standards with local materials and labor, is an incredible achievement.

The completion of this wall not only provides additional safety to the programs taking place on the property it acts as a symbolic gesture that we are one step closer to building the dream for this “oasis for the children ,” but it is also visible hope for those still struggling in the neighborhood.  Lavarice shared with us last week that since seeing the wall surrounding the property completed, many adults around the neighborhood have come up to him to share their encouragement and thanks – “Many are coming up to me to say ‘thank you for the hope that good things may still come to Haiti and for our children!’  For many living in the tent community next to our property in unbearable conditions every day, in an area that has seen little to no signs of reconstruction after the earthquake, the least of all for those living in tents, the completed wall demonstrates that people still want to invest in their community and believe that their children deserve better.”

We hope you enjoy looking through the slideshow below to see the skill and dedication that went into completing the first step in the construction of this new facility.  Only with many hands and acts of love was this progress (and the progress to come) possible.  Without the commitment, support, and tireless efforts of our building partners: Builders Without Borders, the Haitian men and women who helped build the wall with their own hands, the children who provide motivation for this project, our partners: Na Rive, and of course all of you for your support and prayers that allow us to continue the current much-needed food and education programs during construction – none of this would be possible.  Mesi Anpil!

We look forward to keeping you updated along the way as we take next steps in the construction process and encourage you to check our “Project Progress” Page in the future to stay up-to-date on our latest progress.