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The What If? Foundation provides food and educational opportunities to underserved children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti
— in partnership with the Ti Plas Kazo community.

“Eating guarantees you life. These meals give me the energy to walk into a classroom and pay attention.”                – Charles Marie, age 10

Update on Hurricane Matthew – October 8, 2016

As you’ve probably heard, Hurricane Matthew has caused widespread destruction in the south of Haiti, leaving thousands homeless and without food or water. The latest count is that more than 800 people have died, and the numbers keep rising.

Thankfully, the staff of our Haitian partner Na Rive have come through the storm safely, and they are more resolved than ever to help those in need. Preparations are being made to ramp up the food program you support in the Ti Plas Kazo neighborhood, as it is already seeing a steep increase in demand. Moreover, Na Rive immediately began organizing to bring food and water to hurricane victims in the south.

Please consider making a donation today. Every dollar will have a direct and immediate impact on those in need.

Make a Donation
A natural disaster of this magnitude can quickly become a food crisis. Thankfully, Na Rive is uniquely suited to provide aid in these circumstances. They’ve been operating the food program for more than 16 years, so they already have the relationships with local transportation companies and wholesale food warehouses to deliver food as quickly and efficiently as possible. They also have deep personal connections in the region that can provide real-time information and support.

Na Rive plans to deliver supplies to the storm victims in the south as soon as the rivers lower down and passage to the region is possible. The current estimate is early next week.

Please donate today emergency food and water to Haiti’s storm victims.to help provide

To the many of you who have already donated, a profound thank you. Your support means so much and will have a huge impact on those in need.

And here’s another important way you can help: please share this message with your friends and family. The more we support Na Rive, the more direct and immediate aid they can provide.

Once again, we are praying for Haiti and the thousands of Haitians who have been so dramatically impacted by the storm. And we are so deeply grateful for your support



Great news!  The new school building and kitchen/cafeteria we have been working on for several years is now complete!  Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the “Building the Dream” project in Ti Plas Kazo is a reality!  Click here to read more.

East view school 2


2016 Impact

Over 1,200 meals served every weekday

85 scholarships provided

225 students registered at the Father Jeri School

240 students enrolled in the afterschool program

650 children attended summer camp